Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trying Again!

Apparently there is a little problem with Blogspot accusing innocent people such as myself for spamming! They shut down their blogs so that people cannot read them. Thus is what happened to Reginamum...So check back soon for a new blog there are a few topics I am really excited about writing about! Kid Birthday Parties, Holidays & more on Travel!

If you missed the first blog then Hi! I'm Regina, I have 4 children and 1 on the way.

Yes, I am Catholic but I do not use that as the excuse for why we have so many children! We are just very blessed and fortunate people to be chosen by these children to raise them! My husband Patrick and I have been married for 12 years and have been together since high school. (18 years!)

I also co-own Spela Children's Store & Cafe in State College, PA. So I will be able to pass on some great new products that will hopefully make your life a little easier!

I am looking forward to sharing some of the insight that I have obtained through my own experience, in talking with other moms and caregivers and some that I will solicit from friends, family or by the people that come into our store. So let me know if there are any topics you would like to have covered!

My main purpose for this blog is to let parents and caregivers alike know you are not alone. Other parents are fighting over homework, worried that their toddler will be wearing diapers to the prom, and that the bottle and/or pacifier will be a permanent fixture in all family portraits!

Happiness to you always!

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